Social and filial reservations about Vedadhyayanam today

There are three kinds of responses from the Brahmanas who have a duty to learn and preserve the Veda. The first is the Myth; second is the Stigma: the third Practical Difficulties.

The Myth:
The first category fall the apologists of the Veda who are the victims of some of the prevailing myths about Veda Adhyayanam like that:

Vedadhyayanam is good as a concept, but, it is not for me, my son or grandson;
what is use of repeating the Veda without understanding its inner meaning;
it is suitable for those who are not bright and who cannot pursue normal career namely it is for those failed in secular schools, the poor and the destitute;
Adhyayanam is very long and tough;
it is of no practical use, And so on......

The Stigma
In the next category fall those who have respect for the Veda,but shy away from learning the Veda as, in their view, being a scholar in the Veda is no social recognition but actually a social stigma.
Their apprehensions are:
The Vedadhyayanam isolates our son from the mainstream society
Even our family will be alienated and lose respect among the friends and relatives
The society does not respect the Veda scholar
I cannot imagine my son being a Sastrigal
My girl is getting highly educated; how could my boy be given to Vedadhyayanam And so on.....

Practical Difficulties
The third category consists of those, who have a desire to learn the Veda, but point to the practical difficulties in learning the Veda, such as:
I want my child to do Vedadhyayanam; but what will be his future – just Purohitam?”
Where will he get a girl to marry? Which family or girl will accept him”
How will get a respectable living ? And so on....

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