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01.What makes Veda Adhyayanam difficult now? (Rate It from 1 to 4)   Change in life style and value systems    
  No Social Acceptability / No relevance    
  No scope of employment in the society    
  Not necessary    
2. Is SathSamhita idea workable? (tick)

3. Which aspect appeals you most?
4.Which aspect is objectionable / repulsive?
5. Are this facilities enough to propagate Veda Adhyayanam?

Others (Specify)
6. Apart from facilities at Patashala what is else is required?

Others (Specify)
7.Are you keen to involve yourself with SathSamhita ?

8. How can you involve yourself with SathSamhita ?

Others (Specify)

9.Suggest few stalwarts/ dignitaries / friends /relatives
whom you think will like to be associated with SathSamhita Ideology?

10. Do you plan to send your grandson/son for Veda Adhyayanam?
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